Hallucinations – Why?

Have you had an hallucination and want to know why it happened?

Our site is here to help.

In the list below you will find all the activities that have produced an hallucination taken from the accounts people have given of their experience.  Thus the list is derived from actual case histories. In the list you will find:

  • Actions - activities undertaken deliberately knowing this might be the result – the most obvious one is taking illegal drugs.
  • Events - things people were doing that produced an hallucination when they were least expecting it and certainly were not seeking it.  One example is ‘climbing high mountains’, another is ‘going out in violent weather’.
  • Illnesses and diseases  - a temporary illness or permanent or semi permanent disability, for example a burst appendix, migraine or pneumonia.
  • Pharmaceuticals and drugs – over the counter medicines, and doctor prescribed medicines that have produced hallucinations.  The medicines are grouped by class eg statins, or beta blockers.  As the enormous number of hallucinations caused by pharmaceuticals cannot be described individually, this is one case where the case histories are not available.  Instead a total is provided for each drug within the class.
  • Food and drink -  something a person ate or drank or otherwise ingested that had an effect eg drinking absinthe. 

We have also shown you how many case histories there are for each activity.
If you click on the activity it will take you to a full description of the activity along with an explanation as to why it happened.  This description is accompanied by the case histories themselves [observations] – so you can read about what happened to the people by clicking on the observations.   
The list is a dynamic one.  We are updating the site the whole time with new experiences, so you may find new activities appearing as time goes on.

Hallucination Activities and Common Steps

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